Heiva San Diego

Ia Orana, Manava, Maeva,     

The President and all Members of Reva Tahiti Productions are honored and proud to celebrate with you the fourth edition of the Heiva San Diego. We want to remind you that the Heiva with its original name " Tiurai " was granted by our ancestors in 1881 in Tahiti.


The Heiva San Diego is a cultural event rises each year by sharing our Polynesian culture with multi-ethnic communities of the City of San Diego. Thanks to the enthusiasm of all cultural actors, vendors, tattoo artists , singers, dancers , musicians, historians of the Pacific Islands, the Heiva San Diego has earned a solid international reputation. An event of celebration that fills the two-day celebrations on 8 and 9 August 2015 by the diversity and richness of our Polynesian culture which advocates supreme values and roots.


The liveliness of Heiva San Diego can not exist without the participation and support of our social and economic partners for whom I thank very much .


The sun rises and shines on our lives. It provides light, heat and subsistence. The sun is a source of energy, power and rebirth, an essential element for human life, it occupies a prominent place in our culture. The sun shines for all of us, the sun rises over our lives, it embodies the sublime causes spiritual enlightenment in the lost and heals the wounds of his heart. The sun rises on the Heiva San Diego!



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Reva Tahiti

Reva Tahiti Productions is an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States.




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Maeva Tarahu-McNicol
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About Us

A View of the past and a Vision for the future of TAHITI!
Traditions continue...by Reva Tahiti Productions
We preserve and respect our shared heritage and resources.
We strive for a better future for our fenua: Tahiti
As a proud Tahitian, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey: the Heiva San Diego!
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, it’s culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community.
Heiva San Diego consists of: Pageant for Miss & Mr. Heiva, A Tahitian fashion Show, a sumptuous Tahitian Feast, and Soloist & Couples Dance Competition.
Tahitian Prizes, Auctions, Donations, Contributions, Grants and Scholarships are available and are truly memorable and unique opportunities for anyone who loves Tahiti.


We are honored that our event is now  posted on "La France aux Etats-Unis" newsletter.   Read article

We are in the Tahiti Newspapers (la Depeche / Les Nouvelles).
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Heiva San Diego


Air Tahiti Nui is our Main SPONSOR for this incredible event.

REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.

If you’re not a member of our community yet, stop by and sign up for our newsletter at our next event. Everyone involved with the Heiva San Diego are all volunteers. Each one of them donate their time, expertise, energy and optimism to all aspects of the event. If you think you might be able to help and would like to get involved, please contact us: heiva.maeva@gmail.com



























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Eric Gresset

Tahitian Tattoist

Eric Gresset, famed Tahitian tattoist, will be available for tattoo appointments.  Please review his information at:
Eric Gresset Tattoist