Heiva San Diego

Ia Orana, Manava, Maeva,     

Dear Friends, Manava, Maeva, Ia Orana,

The President and all her Members of Reva Tahiti Productions are honored and proud to celebrate with you the seventh Edition of Heiva San Diego!

The Heiva San Diego 2018, a Cultural Festival representing Tahiti has positioned herself as the bridge between French Polynesia and the United States sharing our culture with multi-ethnic Polynesian communities.

The Federation of Ori Tahiti and the Conservatoire of Tahiti have given its endorsement to Heiva San Diego!

An event of celebration filled with the richness of our Polynesian culture which advocates supreme values! It is an experience our guests will never forget. We celebrate friendship, music, dancing, drumming, singing, arts & crafts and island spirit! Come escape with us into our Tropical paradise. This will be a fun and family-oriented event!

The liveliness of Heiva San Diego cannot exist without the participation and support of our social and economic partners for whom we thank very much.

I wish you all an amazing Heiva San Diego 2018~ Long Life Heiva San Diego !

Dates for our event is August 11 and 12, 2018.


Reva Tahiti

Reva Tahiti Productions is an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States.




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Mission Statement
REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.

About Us

A View of the past and a Vision for the future of TAHITI!
Traditions continue...by Reva Tahiti Productions
We preserve and respect our shared heritage and resources.
We strive for a better future for our fenua: Tahiti
As a proud Tahitian, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey: the Heiva San Diego!
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, it’s culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community.
Heiva San Diego consists of: Pageant for Miss & Mr. Heiva, A Tahitian fashion Show, and Soloist & Couples Dance Competition.
Tahitian Prizes, Auctions, Donations, Contributions, Grants and Scholarships are available and are truly memorable and unique opportunities for anyone who loves Tahiti.






ORI Tahiti
Mauruuru to Shanna Pineda from Te Pura O Te Rahura'a our Overall Vahine soloist for 2017.  She will be competing in the World Ori Championship in Tahiti.


Air Tahiti Nui


Air Tahiti Nui is our Main SPONSOR for this incredible event.  Thank you Air Tahiti Nui  for your support!
Heiva San Diego 2017 was a big success! Thank you all board members and their families, house drummers, international guests (Mexico & Japan), all participants, raatiras, pupu oris, vendors, artists, medias, photographers, videographers, everyone who was involved in the success of this event. Thank you all for making this Heiva one of the best one ever! Mauruuru Air Tahiti Nui for your partnership!

Pictures & Videos
You Tube videos available for viewing at:
Bryson Kim You Tube channel

Checkervideo You Tube channel
Michael Lagman You Tube channel

Photos available on the Heiva San Diego Facebook Page and also:
Lance Pecchia Facebook

Ori Tahiti Results
Ori Tahiti

Beginning Division
Advanced Division

Best Costume:
Vahine: Jaylen Mamea
Hura Atua Nui
Ra'atita - Michelle Tarleton

Tane: Eli Tiguelo
Hitia O Te Ra
Ra'atira - Bebe Tukurio

Group Mehura
First place
Makani Kai Polynesian Dance Troupe
Ra'atira - Christine Miranda

Second Place
Kaliloa O Kaleo 'Onalani
Ra'atira - Ida Veimau

Congratulations to all who competed!





















I want to thank EVERYONE who had a part in putting the Heiva San Diego together. not just this year but also the past years, from our board members, Tabulations... team, and Back stage team, who work so hard to put on a smooth event, the judges Fabien Mara Dinard, Vaheana Le Bihan, Erena Uura, Heremoana Urima, Toanui Mahinui, Salamasina Tuitama and the wonderful Rémi Tamaititahio who come all the way from Tahiti and Vegas, the drummers who killed it on stage, the MCs Uncle Roy Asuega and Tony Vainuku who gave us TOOOO many wonderful laughs, the volunteers who did a fabulous job, our supporters, vendors, and sponsors, and especially the dancers and artist who put so much time and dedication in perfecting the pursuit of the Tahitian culture. We at Reva Tahiti Productions LOVE you all!! As I walked through the concourse I felt bliss at seeing so many beautiful people smile and enjoy themselves. Seeing just one good outcome at our event makes it all worth it for me. If ANYONE was offended or has comments/concerns about our productions and team please let me know. I want your feedback to make our future events better. Heiva San Diego is for the COMMUNITY and we are here for you. Our event is suppose to promote culture, peace, and community. We should all work together to reach those ideals. I apologize for any incidents that ended badly and wish I could take back anything that was misunderstood or undeserved. For those who came out to this years Heiva San Diego, you deserved the best and if we did not reach that level, it is my absolute aim to reach it next year, because you all deserve it. We will be making many changes for next year: Theme- Te Reva Ora, Drumming category, Costume category seperated form dance, group category changes, location, end of competition interview with judges along with tabulation sheet handouts for all, ect... More to come on all of that and would love to hear all your suggestions. Thank you to all the people who came out to support us from Japan, Mexico, Vegas, Colorado, Florida, Utah, San Francisco, L.A., Hawaii, TAHITI, and anywhere else in the world. WE LOVE YOU! Shout out to Hiva katoa who brought out the most soloist! Shout out to Kaleo Onalani and Makani Kai who participated in Group. Precious thank you for all our Miss and Mr Heiva San Diego Contestants who rocked it! Congrats to Miss Heiva SD 2017 Aimee Cebreros and Mr Heiva SD 2017 Jonathan Galendez. We look forward to seeing your beautiful smiles throughout the year! Congrats to all soloist who placed and overall winners. Thank you to Photography Bryson Kim and Michael Lagman, and Video productions Helden Reuney and Team. Shout out to the Mermaid sistassssss! And A BIG THANK YOU to my mama Maeva Tarahu-mcNicol, my papa Randy McNicol, and Bro Bryan Teva McNicol for always being there for me and helping with everything. The t-shirts, props for staging, last minute details, the work you put in motivates me to always do my best. I would be nothing were it not for your love and support THANK YOU and sending you 1 million kisses. Thank you to the groups that came from Tahiti and gros bisous a tatie Hinanui Tamanui et tatie June Knab. Shout out to Rika Traxler who had a fabulous fashion show this year, we look forward to seeing your prints for next year. Big THANKS to Rosalina Perez-Serag and VP Brenda Pacis, Anna Andrade, Salani Faiivae Harrison, Uncle VAI, Firipi Salas, Rob Woods, The Merghart family, Victoria Renez Payne, Ty Buendia, Jenn Tanega, Vanaa Mrose Teriitehau, Raina Tarahu, Gennison De Solo, Virginia, Jude, Karen kramer and team, Jane Cabuco and Team, Dina Pacis, Angelea Iafornaro who each brought a little something special to this years HSD! Thank you to EVERYONE who had any part in this production. You all made it happen and I am forever grateful for that. Maururu ROA!!!!!!!😍
Heiva San Diego 2018 ready or not , here I come.

Lindsay Reva McNicol



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