Heiva San Diego

Ia Orana, Manava, Maeva,     

The President and all Members of Reva Tahiti Productions are honored and proud to celebrate with you the fourth edition of the Heiva San Diego. We want to remind you that the Heiva with its original name " Tiurai " was granted by our ancestors in 1881 in Tahiti.


The Heiva San Diego 2014, a cultural event rises each year by sharing our Polynesian culture with multi-ethnic communities of the City of San Diego. Thanks to the enthusiasm of all cultural actors, vendors, tattoo artists , singers, dancers , musicians, historians of the Pacific Islands, the Heiva San Diego has earned a solid international reputation. An event of celebration that fills the two-day celebrations on 9 and 10 August 2014 by the diversity and richness of our Polynesian culture which advocates supreme values and roots.


The liveliness of Heiva San Diego can not exist without the participation and support of our social and economic partners for whom I thank very much .


UA HITI O TE RÂ is Heiva San Diego 2014 Theme – it means "The Sunrise" by Vanaa Teriitehau.


The sun rises and shines on our lives. It provides light, heat and subsistence. The sun is a source of energy, power and rebirth, an essential element for human life, it occupies a prominent place in our culture. The sun shines for all of us, the sun rises over our lives, it embodies the sublime causes spiritual enlightenment in the lost and heals the wounds of his heart. The sun rises on the Heiva San Diego!


Long Life Heiva San Diego !



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Reva Tahiti

Reva Tahiti Productions is an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States.




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Maeva Tarahu-McNicol
Please email for general inquiries
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About Us

A View of the past and a Vision for the future of TAHITI!
Traditions continue...by Reva Tahiti Productions
We preserve and respect our shared heritage and resources.
We strive for a better future for our fenua: Tahiti
As a proud Tahitian, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey: the Heiva San Diego!
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, it’s culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community.
Heiva San Diego consists of: Pageant for Miss & Mr. Heiva, A Tahitian fashion Show, a sumptuous Tahitian Feast, and Soloist & Couples Dance Competition.
Tahitian Prizes, Auctions, Donations, Contributions, Grants and Scholarships are available and are truly memorable and unique opportunities for anyone who loves Tahiti.

We are pleased to announce portion of the proceeds will go towards:

1-  Rady's Childrens Hospital

2 -
Comité Polynésien de la Ligue contre le cancer

- Autism Society of America (SanDiego Chapter)

On-Line Ticket Link
Tickets now available for purchase on-line through EventBrite

We are honored that our event is now  posted on "La France aux Etats-Unis" newsletter.   Read article

We are in the Tahiti Newspapers (la Depeche / Les Nouvelles).
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Heiva San Diego


Air Tahiti Nui is our Main SPONSOR for this incredible event.

REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.

If you’re not a member of our community yet, stop by and sign up for our newsletter at our next event. Everyone involved with the Heiva San Diego are all volunteers. Each one of them donate their time, expertise, energy and optimism to all aspects of the event. If you think you might be able to help and would like to get involved, please contact us: heiva.maeva@gmail.com

Heiva San Diego Emcees

Kim Yoko Smith

Kim Yoko Smith hails from the Island of Oahu. Growing up in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii known as the “melting pot”, Kim was blessed to be able to learn about the many beautiful cultures of Polynesia and the world.
At a young age, Kim had a desire to travel and a passion for Hula and Polynesian dance and decided that sharing the Aloha Spirit through performing would be her ticket to see the world and meet it's people. 
She has traveled to and performed in Samoa, Indonesia, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong, across the U.S. and in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently resides.
Kim has held the crown as Miss Cosmopolitan Hawaii and Miss Hawaii International.
She is presently a reporter for the Air Force Reserve web news, former Morning News Traffic Anchor with KTNV Channel 13, Las Vegas’ ABC affiliate, is a marketing specialist and a Host, Reporter and Emcee. I am honored to be part of the Heiva San Diego Team!


Tui Letuli

Tui Letuli comes from a long lineage of performers and entertainers. He is the CEO and founder of Pacific Talent Academy of the Arts, the organization that hosts Weekend In Polynesia, featuring the largest fire knife competition in North America with dancers from around the world competing for the title of champion. It also includes a Tahitian ori solo competition and singing contest and Island entertainment, arts & craft booths and very family oriented.
Throughout the year his organization provides workshops teaching, mentoring and coaching the youth in areas of dance, music, film, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, life and many other area of interest with a mission and mantra to "Raise the bar and educate the passion of our youth".
Currently he is also contracted as a consultant for Disney Entertainment and is busy with many others projects producing new artists.

Roy Asuega

Roy Asuega, (a co-owner of Lokelani’s Rhythm of the Islands dance company/studio) has been in the entertainment business for over 35 years perpetuating the Polynesian Culture throughout the US and Internationally. Roy dabbled in some acting and has been blessed to have appeared in various movies, commercials, TV sitcoms and music videos. 
Since the birth of Lokelani’s Rhythm of the Islands, Roy’s goal is to provide a safe haven, education, confidence building and self-esteem through class instructions of dancing and drumming.  Roy stresses that “Ohana” is the core concept of Lokelanis.  He states “We will not let you struggle alone, but instead we will give you the personal attention you need in order to succeed”.
Roy is married to his lovely wife Kathy of 23 plus years and together they have 5 wonderful children and 3 beautiful grandchildren. He is eternally grateful that the lord has allowed him to open his eyes daily so he can enjoy spending time with his family and to continue spreading his love of the Polynesian culture to others.




























Friday August 8
Pageant Competition begins:
Westgate Hotel
4-6 pm
Interview with Judges

Saturday August 9
San Diego Concourse
7:00 am - 8:15 am
Soloist Registration
Walk ups accepted until 8:15 am  (NO EXCEPTIONS)

8:30am                                        Opening Procession
Doors Open

olo Prelims / Pageant Competition 

Cultural Village
(Workshop Cost $15.00)
offered at 9:15 am and 11:00 pm
Includes admission to event
See workshop listings below
(Quilting Workshop Cost $15.00)
offered at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm
Includes admission to event

3:30 pm
Posting of Soloist Qualifying

3:30 pm  
Hura Tahiti Tamure
Hura Tahiti Drumming Workshop

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Transition Concourse to Gala

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Cocktail / Dinner check in

7:05 pm
Dinner starts

7:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Fashion Show 

8:15 pm – 9:00 pm              
Hura Tahiti Grand Performance   

9:15 pm 
Crowning of Mr/Miss Heiva

Sunday August 10   
San Diego Concourse

8:00 am – 8:45 am
Group Registration

9:00 am  
Doors open

9:15am -11:30 pm
Solo Finals

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Group Competition

Tifaifai & Cultural Village workshops offered same information and times as Saturday

3:30 pm  

Times subject to change depending on number of solo and group entrants

New This Year

Eric Gresset
Tahitian Tattoist

Eric Gresset, famed Tahitian tattoist, will be available for tattoo appointments.  Please review his information at:
Eric Gresset Tattoist

Tifaifai Workshops
We are excited to announce we will be offering quilting workshops in Tifaifai Literally meaning “applique”, the Tifaifai is part of the Polynesian family life.Defined as patchwork bed covers or quilts made out of a sheet of fabric on which have been sown one or several patchworks, or assembled several pieces of fabrics, the Tifaifai is truly precious in Polynesia.
Two classes will be offered daily (10am and 1pm) for Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10, 2014.  Registration fee is $15.
Tifaifai video link
Download PDF
To enroll:


Expanded Cultural Village

This year we have expanded our Tahitian Cultural Village to include the entire outer lobby area.  We will be hosting Girl Scout troops as they learn about the rich culture of Tahiti and her Islands through lecture and hands-on learning sessions.  Below are some of the workshops we will offer:

About French Polynesia
Speak with students and cultural experts visiting from Tahiti.  Learn about The Five Great Archipelagos With 118 Islands that cover more than two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean.

Music and Dance
Learn traditional Tahitian Music & Dance from authentic artists from Tahiti.

Tahitian Floral Leis & Crowns

Learn To Create Hand Crafted Traditional Tahitian Leis & Crowns.  Learn The History Behind The Royal Significance of These Beautiful Crafts.

Tahitian Basket Weaving
Learn the traditional art of Weaving Crafts From dried Pandanus & Coconut leaves.

Sustainability & Conservation
arn about the Conservation and Sustainability programs that scientists and local research groups in Tahiti provide to Protect Sea Life, Living Reefs, Wildlife of the Islands, And The Natural Resources of The Oceans and Lagoons. 

Cultural Art
Observe a Master Craftsmen from Tahiti as he creates beautiful  carvings & engraved Tattoo Art. Learn the Heritage and Meaning of these very important traditions.
To enroll:

Download Flyer