Heiva San Diego 2017

Heiva Dance Competition 
"Dream, Dancing, Drumming, and Emotions" are the keywords of this exciting event in San Diego. Come discover with us Tahiti Ultimate Dance Competition: August 5 & 6, 2017!”



Tahitian Dance Competition

Please let us know you are planning to compete in the Ori Tahiti solo competition this year by filling out our on-line intent form.

NEW For 2017:


  Advanced/Professional: Soloist who have been awarded 1st, 2nd 3rd place or overall award in any professional group or solo competition. One who has danced for more than 2 years or has performed in shows. It is advised that Ra’atira (Group Leader) makes the final determination.
  Beginner/Intermediate: Soloists who has never won a first place or overall award in a solo or senior professional group competition. One who has been taking classes less than 2 years and is not a regular dancer at performances with a current dance group. Ra’atiraa (Group Leader) makes the final determination.

* It is the Ra’atira’s (Group Leader) responsibility to objectively review and rate the level of their dancers before competition and this should be reflected on the contestant’s entry form.

OVERALL SOLOISTS will be awarded in the ADVANCED division only. Determined via dance-off with first place winners in the age divisions for Tane and Vahine

ADVANCED DANCE-OFF Junior Overall Overall Senior Overall
1st place in age group 4-6, 7-10, 11-13, 14-17 18-21, 22-26,
36-49, 50-64, 65+
OVERALL PRIZES Cash prize and trophy Round trip ticket from LAX to Tahiti via Air Tahiti Nui and invitation to compete in the Ori Tahiti Nui World Championship, which occurs on November 26, 2017.
Cash prize and trophy
Airline tickets one winner each tane and vahineThe age categories are based on qualification restrictions with the Ori Tahiti Nui regulations.  Airline taxes apply

Mauruuru to our Overall soloists from 2016

Congratulations to our OVERALL Solo Winners for 2016.
Overall Ori Soloist Tane - Ty Buendia (Tahiti Tamure)
Overall Ori Soloist Vahine - Daevona McArthur (Rau Tama Nui)

See complete list of all awards:
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Mauruuru to all who competed!

Meet our Heiva San Diego Judges

Mr. Fabien Mara DINARD (Head Judge)

Fabien Mara Dinard lives in Tahiti he is the Director of the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia TE FARE UPA RAU since 2005 to this day. Established to promote education, the promotion and development of traditional and classical cultures, this settlement which is both a national music school and an administrative institution of the country is specialized in the theory and practice of music, singing, dance, classic arts and recently dramatic arts.


Initiated into the traditional arts from his young age Fabien Dinard has spent years practicing the ori Tahiti then became twice the best dancer in the Heiva I Tahiti. From 1994 to 2010 he led the famous professional dance troupe Temaeva as Director a multi winner group of the Heiva founded by the great choreographer Coco Hotahota.  "I would first like to welcome all fans of traditional Polynesian arts they are many bringing their greetings and dedication of Tahiti and its islands.

Passionate about dance and Polynesian music from my young age I am fully invested in our culture to which I offered my best years. My nomination as Director of the conservatory has allowed me to go further in the process of organizing these teachings: for almost ten years there are thousands of students who went through the Conservatory and all recipients are able to live and support their dance whether in a group or in a school. I also worked to deepen the approach of practicing the arts; whether traditional or classical art. Each art has its respective feature like any art joined in a common goal: universal and sharing.

From 1989 to 2009 I was a dancer then successively I became the leader of Temaeva a professional dance group. Temaeva repeatedly have been awarded for the Grand Price of the Heiva I Tahiti and participated in several Festivals of Arts of South Pacific. Temaeva remains the most awarded dance group of Heiva. There were other headlines acquired in our cultural trips around the world but the essential is elsewhere: you have to practice in a good state of mind. With passion first then with respect for the teachings and the source: TAHITI. Although dance is all about creation but it based on foundations that it is essential to acquire.

In 1996 I won the title of best dancer of Heiva I Tahiti and in 2004 Temaeva have been awarded for the Hura Tapairu. Participating in various international and Pacific festivals my travels have taught me a lot. I discovered the Cook Islands, Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, Australia, France of course, Taiwan, Samoa, New Zealand, USA and Singapore.  From 2001 to 2013 I had the honor to be a Member of the Jury into various events: Heiva I Tahiti Hura Tapairu, Heiva I Reno, Heiva I Tokyo, Heiva I Utah, Heiva I Costa Mesa. Since 2001 I am President of the Jury of the Conservatory examinations.

I noticed that the “ori Tahiti” particularly was practiced worldwide by tens of thousands of practitioners through the five continents. I do not know many others of artistic disciplines which have been so successful in recent years.  That is why we have initiated works to codify the basic steps of Ori Tahiti to proceed with the listing of traditional Tahitian dance on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. This will be an outcome, but also for each practitioner who will soon achieve a solid basis, the same for everyone.  
Good luck to you all and most importantly long live to the culture and ori Tahiti!









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