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We are pleased to announce our 2017 team members.

Team Bios  Board of Directors

Lindsay Reva-McNicol





Born in San Diego, California, Lindsay has the opportunity to travel to Tahiti every year, her mother’s homeland. This experience opened a whole new world for her – she learned a great deal about the Tahitian culture, the dance, the music, the food and people. She realized how lucky and proud she was to be Tahitian.
Lindsay is presently studying Aviation Sciences at Mt. San Antonio College in Orange County, California, and is pursuing a career as an Air Traffic Controller. Lindsay won the title of Miss Pacific Islander 2009 of San Diego and Miss Charity. She represented Tahiti and earned a scholarship.
Lindsay founded Reva Tahiti Productions and Heiva San Diego in 2011, an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States; she serves as its President.
Lindsay has an incredible passion for her Tahitian dancing, music and culture since she was six years old. In addition to Tahitian dancing, Lindsay has studied and practiced other forms of world dance, such as Jazz, Hula, Maori, Fijian, to name a few. Her diverse background has given Lindsay the gift to share her cultural wisdom to others. She has become a driving force in the Tahitian entertainment for local and international audiences. As president of Reva Tahiti Productions and producer of the Miss Heiva San Diego USA® Pageants, Lindsay oversees all business transactions and is responsible for the production of the live show each year and for the next Tahiti Ambassador!
She looks forward to future memorable celebrations where her Pacific Islander Community can proudly share their unique cultures and the children may also experience a sense of pride in which we are as a people.


Maeva Tarahu-McNicol







Ia Orana,
My name is Maeva, and I am a proud advisor for Reva Tahiti Productions.
Driven by the desire to help people to discover my beloved homeland, Tahiti and Her Isles, I founded Maeva Tours in 1997. Taking you to Tahiti and Her Isles has always been our passion!
Throughout the years, we have accrued a detailed knowledge and extensive experience in Pacific travel, successfully planning itineraries throughout the South Pacific, to such exotic destinations as Easter Island, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii.
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, its culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community. I could not be more proud of my daughter Lindsay Reva, whose excellent professional and organizational skills are quickly making the 2017 Heiva San Diego a reality.


     Rosalina Perez-Serag

Vice President
My name is Rosalina Serag, I was born and raised here in San Diego, Ca. I have been dancing in the Polynesian culture for 16 years. I dance with Pride Polynesia and have come to love everything about the culture and traditions which led me to work with Heiva San Diego for many years as a volunteer first, then as secretary, and now as Vice President. I am very honored to be working with Heiva San Diego and to help hold up the Tahitian culture and traditions to preserve its history and future.


     Poeiti Bordes

Ia Orana,
My name is Poeiti. I was born and raised in Tahiti. I have been living in California for three years, and I recently moved to San Diego. I am also a dancer, and I play the ukulele.  I am proud to be the new secretary of the Heiva San Diego this year.  It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to be part of an event that not only represents and promotes the beautiful Tahitian culture but that also has the purpose of educating people a little bit more about its history and traditions. I am beyond excited for this unique and incredible adventure.

Jude Pascua

Finances Vice Chairperson

Fay Meitz - Raffle
Bryan McNicol - Merchandise
Karen Kramer - Tabulations
Beth Draisey - Finance



Anna Andrade

Vice Chairperson

Anna has been
member of Motu Nehenehe Polynesian Dancers for many years along with her family.  Anna has regularly served as Stage Mom to the Tamari’i group and has also served as a backstage volunteer in various roles in the Program Department for the E Hula Mau Hula Competition in Long Beach, CA for many years.  With her experience and love of all island cultures, she is thrilled to be a part of the Heiva San Diego team.

Anna Andrade - Vendors USA
Jennifer Hinanui Longine - Vendors Tahiti
Randy McNicol - Decorations
Rob Wood - Decorations

Arlene Sablan
- Volunteers
OPEN - Concessions


Maeva Tarahu-McNicol

Vice Chairperson

Faye Meitz - Ori Recruitment
Maeva McNicol - International Ori Recruitment

Angelea Iafornio  - Communications
Heldon Reuney - Graphic Arts

Michael Lagman - Photography & IT
Corinne Bagnol -


Jane Cabuco

Vice Chairperson

A dancer for Motu Nehenehe Polynesian Dancers for 24 years, as well as Assistant to the Director and Assistant Dance Instructor, Jane fully understands all the aspects of the show program, staging, timing and back stage responsibilities. With this experience, Jane is honored to be part of the Heiva San Diego Team along with her boys Jae and Jaece who are also dancers and are also excited to volunteer and help with such a spectacular event.

Yvette Del Rosario - Prizes/Trophies
Gennison Desoto - Pre-Registration
Aimee Cebreros - Pageantry

   Jennifer Hinanui Longine
Sponsorship Tahiti Vice Chairperson

I was born in Tahiti and grew up with my culture that our parents have inculcated to us inevitably we follow the traditions and immerse ourselves in our cultural activities this is just life in the islands. Traditions continue !
I get specialized in wedding organization. As wedding planner in Tahiti it’s a great enthousiasm for me to work with the Heiva San Diego team to promote our Polynesian culture. I am proud to be a force in this event which will grow every year. Long life to the Heiva San Diego.

Yvette Tapea - Culture Vice Chair
Benedict Rival - Secretary
Nana Harris - Children's Village
Vanaa Teriitehau - Entertainment and Hospitality
OPEN - Workshops, Sashes & Crowns

Randy McNicol - Legal


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Team Advisors

Salani Faiivae Harrison

Salani Faiivae Harrison has been active in the San Diego community for many years. She is a leader and familiar face and name to Pacific Islanders. She continues to volunteer her time in making a difference for the Pacific Islander Community and the area at large. Salani is of Samoan descent but has made San Diego her home for almost her entire life. She is happily retired from the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, and is proud and honored to serve as an Advisor to Heiva San Diego.     

Vanaa Teriitehau







Culture, traditions, customs specify the nobility of our Tahitian dance (‘Ori Tahiti), arts and handcrafts (Rima’i), traditional sports (Tu’aro Mā’ohi, our language (Reo), music (Pehe), songs (Himene), legends (‘A’ai) but also our Tahitian cuisine (Ma’a Tahiti). Each of us has at least practiced these activities in our lives this is a memorable experience that we withheld and being called to pass on to the future generation. The Heiva San Diego is an authentic yearly celebration we, Maeva, Lindsay, Randy, Bryan, Anthony Tirao and others have been the founders of this prestigious event for which is my pride today and be always thankful to those who are still helping the Heiva San Diego comittee. In my youth I firstly danced in the neighborhoods of Faa'a and later on the sand scene of Taraho'i and Vaiete. Years later I had an interest and passion for writing themes and songs as well as incantations through Oratory art such as : pehepehe, paripari fenua, fa'ateni,

fa 'atara ... to the benefit of some dance groups competing to the Heiva I Tahiti and festivals. This passion grows and encourages me to go further in my writings so that I am often solicited to be as Jury Member for orchestral, poetry and « orero » contests. I became one of the founding members of the Association Tama No Outuaraia of Faa'a City which is in partnership with the City Hall of Faa'a. Hauhiva Faa’a is our dance group and I am the main organizer of our cultural trips and author of themes as well as Orero and songs for ‘aparima.

My word : "It is with a cultural soul that I want to provide  my knowledge to our youth so that it will be perpetuated."

Long live to the Heiva San Diego!