Heiva San Diego

Ia Orana, Manava, Maeva,     

Ia Orana, Manava! 

As founder of Heiva San Diego on behalf of everyone from our board and organization, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in this years Heiva San Diego. This is a community and cultural event whose beginning started with an idea and came into existence only after the efforts of many. The reasons why we are able to continue in our efforts of bringing Tahiti to America is because of one crucial aspect; support. Our friendships, international and stateside have kept us alive and determined to share our love for the islands. 
A big thank you to Hitireva, Kehaulani, the Conservatoire, our vendors from Tahiti, sponsors, and Reva Tahiti Productions (USA Team & Tahiti Team) whose efforts made it possible to share our beautiful and brilliant culture. To the drummers, Ra’atiras, dancers, volunteers, and guest, Mauruuru Roa many times over for your interest and commitment to Ori Tahiti and all we have to offer. 
As our organization grows, so do our efforts and we hope this year as well as the years to follow we can provide a picture of Tahiti that is accurate. We offer you our friendship, mana, love, culture, and traditions.
See you next year

See you next year. 

Mauruuru Roa,
Lindsay Reva McNicol


Reva Tahiti

Reva Tahiti Productions is an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States.




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Mission Statement
REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.

About Us

A View of the past and a Vision for the future of TAHITI!
Traditions continue...by Reva Tahiti Productions
We preserve and respect our shared heritage and resources.
We strive for a better future for our fenua: Tahiti
As a proud Tahitian, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey: the Heiva San Diego!
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, it’s culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community.
Heiva San Diego consists of: Pageant for Miss & Mr. Heiva, A Tahitian fashion Show, and Soloist & Couples Dance Competition.
Tahitian Prizes, Auctions, Donations, Contributions, Grants and Scholarships are available and are truly memorable and unique opportunities for anyone who loves Tahiti.






Our Heiva Venue for 2018
Thank you to the  Port of San Diego as a 2018 sponsor.
Please check out their website for services and events.
Port of San Diego


Heiva San Diego Ori Competition

SATURDAY 8/11/2018
Day 1 Results

Beginning Sat Results
Advanced Sat Results

SUNDAY 8/12/2018
Final Results
Ori Beginning Awards
Ori Advanced Awards
Group Awards
Overall and Best Costume


Air Tahiti Nui


Air Tahiti Nui is our Main SPONSOR for this incredible event.  Thank you Air Tahiti Nui  for your continued support!






















Thank you to our 2018 vendors for Heiva San Diego:


1904 Apothecary Lane
Island Edge

Manea Ukuleles

Show Me Your Pukana
Golden Rhode
Crystal Creations by Linda
Te Rau Here
Kre8tive Kre8tions
Disney Art with Rika & James
Pago Girl Creations
N8ive Approach
Heiva San Diego
Porinetia Promotion & Travel
Manava Creations
Tapa by Tevita

Mikimiki Pearls
Petite Hôtellerie Familiale
Comite Reva Tahiti
Tahiti Pearl

Rémi Tamaititahio

Matua's Sushi
Heiva San Diego
Kona Cakes
Aloha Pineapple
Kona Ice
Ho'onani Cakes
Berry Fresh
Love My Mahalo

Air Tahiti Nui
Tahiti Tourisme
Na Koa Kai Canoe Club
Tifaifai Tahiti

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