Heiva San Diego

Ia Orana, Manava, Maeva,     

Dear Friends, Manava, Maeva, Ia Orana,

The President and all her Members of Reva Tahiti Productions are honored and proud to celebrate with you the Sixth Edition of Heiva San Diego!

The Heiva San Diego 2017, a Cultural Festival representing Tahiti has positioned herself as the bridge between French Polynesia and the United States sharing our culture with multi-ethnic Polynesian communities.

The Federation of Ori Tahiti and the Conservatoire of Tahiti have given its endorsement to Heiva San Diego!

An event of celebration filled with the richness of our Polynesian culture which advocates supreme values! It is an experience our guests will never forget. We celebrate friendship, music, dancing, drumming, singing, arts & crafts and island spirit! Come escape with us into our Tropical paradise. This will be a fun and family-oriented event!

The liveliness of Heiva San Diego cannot exist without the participation and support of our social and economic partners for whom we thank very much.

Te FENUA is Heiva San Diego 2017 Theme – it means "The Land".

I wish you all an amazing Heiva San Diego 2017~ Long Life Heiva San Diego !

Dates for our event is August 5 and 6th at the beautiful San Diego Concourse in the Gaslamp.


Reva Tahiti

Reva Tahiti Productions is an organization whose purpose is to share the cultures and traditions of Tahiti and South Pacific islands with the United States.




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Mission Statement
REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.

About Us

A View of the past and a Vision for the future of TAHITI!
Traditions continue...by Reva Tahiti Productions
We preserve and respect our shared heritage and resources.
We strive for a better future for our fenua: Tahiti
As a proud Tahitian, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey: the Heiva San Diego!
Bringing Tahiti to San Diego, it’s culture and traditions, for a weekend provides an exciting and unique opportunity for our Polynesian community.
Heiva San Diego consists of: Pageant for Miss & Mr. Heiva, A Tahitian fashion Show, a sumptuous Tahitian Feast, and Soloist & Couples Dance Competition.
Tahitian Prizes, Auctions, Donations, Contributions, Grants and Scholarships are available and are truly memorable and unique opportunities for anyone who loves Tahiti.






Ori Tahiti Workshops

We have added the following classes

TUES March 21st
Mini Heiva Workshops
Public, separate 1 hr workshops, $25 each workshop
5-6PM Ori Basics/Techniques
6:15 - 7:15PM Aparima
@6450 Lusk Blvd #E100

WED March 22nd
Mini Heiva Workshops
Public, separate 1 hr workshops, $25 each workshop
5-6PM Ori Basics/Techniques
6:15 - 7:15PM Aparima
@6450 Lusk Blvd #E100

For information please contact us at: information@heivasandiego.com

Download class application


Air Tahiti Nui


Air Tahiti Nui is our Main SPONSOR for this incredible event.  Thank you Air Tahiti Nui  for your support!
Heiva San Diego 2016 was a big success! Thank you all board members and their families, house drummers, international guests (Mexico & Japan), all participants, raatiras, pupu oris, vendors, artists, medias, photographers, videographers, everyone who was involved in the success of this event. Thank you all for making this Heiva one of the best one ever! Mauruuru Air Tahiti Nui for your partnership!

























Weekend Program

Heiva San Diego Solo and Group Dance 2017
will be held
San Diego Concourse
August 5 & 6, 2017.
202 C St
San Diego, CA 92101

Parking is available each day at the Concourse for $10

Our Solo Dance competition has dancers from all over the world including Mexico, Japan, Tahiti, as well as the USA will be held at the San Diego Concourse. 

Solo prelim competition starting Saturday, 8/5 with the finals the following day.
Group competition on Sunday, 8/6.

Our head judge is Fabian
Dinard, the Director of the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia.

House drummers will be from Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia.

In addition we will be offering workshops in Ori Tahiti on Friday, August 4.  Instructors from the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia.  Information soon.


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